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Holy Trinity Academy

Holy Trinity Academy
600 Prospect Street,

Trinidad, CO 81082

Holy Trinity Academy offers all-denominational Christian religious education grades K-12.  Our core curriculum, including religious studies, is mandatory.  Juniors and Seniors are able to take concurrent classes and earn an associate’s degree at Trinidad State Junior College. The tuition is paid by a grant from HTA donors, Jay and Emily Cimino, if the student earns an A or B in the class.

Walking through the halls of the school, you will see smiling teachers who are not stressed. There are about 8 students per classroom this year, allowing teachers to give an abundance of personalized attention to each child. The school has a harmonious atmosphere. From time to time during the day, you can hear the soft murmur of a teacher’s voice, children’s voices raised in song, or sometimes the kindergarten class reciting the names of the Presidents.

Children in grades K – 5 remain with their homeroom teacher in the same classroom throughout the day while children in grades 6-12 move quietly, transferring between math, English, history, science, the language lab, and religion classes.

At noon everyone goes upstairs to fellowship hall. Younger children sit with their classmates, and older children joke with their friends. Again, a prayer of thanks is offered before everyone opens their lunch bags, pulling out 

Student Life at Holy Trinity Academy

Students begin arriving at Holy Trinity Academy from 7:30 a.m. School starts promptly each morning at 8:00 a.m., and children are encouraged to be on time. Children in grades K – 3 are dismissed at 3:10; students in grades 4 – 12 are dismissed at 3:30.

Children with fresh, rested faces, looking sharp in their navy, red, and khaki uniforms enter the building, turn in their cell phones to the office, go to their classrooms, hang up their jackets and back packs and are in their seats at 8:00 a.m.  Classes start with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Students who are late must report to the principal.  Parents are required to call the school office to let the school know if their child will be absent.  Parents are also required to send a written note providing the reason for the absence when the child returns to school.

The two-story school building located at 600 Prospect, on the corner of Pine and Prospect, is cozy in winter and has plenty of fresh air from open windows in warmer weather. Brightly colored posters and children’s drawings decorate the walls.

apples, sandwiches, microwave meals, cookies, burritos, all packed by mothers and fathers with love.  Elementary students hurry to finish their lunches and be dismissed to go outside to play. On Fridays there is a change in routine as families take turns providing a hot lunch for the whole school.

On Friday mornings all students attend religious services which are held at Holy Trinity Catholic Church and Zion’s Lutheran Church on alternating weeks.  Students take turns serving as readers and gift bearers.