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Holy Trinity Academy

Holy Trinity Academy
600 Prospect Street,

Trinidad, CO 81082

Holy Trinity Academy offers all-denominational Christian religious education grades K-12.  Our core curriculum, including religious studies, is mandatory.  Juniors and Seniors are able to take concurrent classes and earn an associate’s degree at Trinidad State Junior College. The tuition is paid by a grant from HTA donors, Jay and Emily Cimino, if the student earns an A or B in the class.

Sometimes the kindergarten and first grade class will make cupcakes, burritos, quesadillas, or “stone soup,” and at Thanksgiving time, they even cook a turkey and share the extras with students in the other classes.

Students happily troop out to the school vans for PE at 2:00. Middle school and high school students who participate in team sports are dismissed early for practices and games.

Parents pick up their kindergarten – 5th grade students at 3:10. The older students are dismissed at 3:30.Students who did not turn in homework, who did not finish their class work, and those who need a little extra help, stay after school from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.  Holy Trinity Academy has been very successful in helping students to raise their grades and grade point averages with this After School Program.

Besides holding students to high academic standards, Holy Trinity Academy believes in providing well-rounded, rich educational experiences for its students. The children enjoy field trips to museums and zoos in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, picnics at a local ranch, as well trips to local historical and cultural sites. The children perform for school benefactors at our annual Century Dinner, and for Trinidad’s Veterans Day Luncheon.

Student Life at Holy Trinity Academy

Because HTA is a private non-profit school, we do not receive government funding.  To keep tuition costs affordable the school holds fundraisers almost every month.  As part of our school culture, all families are required to work volunteer hours.  Two-parent families must work 50 hours and single-parent families must work 30 hours. 

Sixty-five percent of HTA families have household incomes  that qualify for tuition scholarships, and scholarship student families help with additional fundraising.

We provide concessions for several local non-profits’ events, HTA holds a Christmas Bazaar and a Spring Fling each year. We sell pizzas and books, and candy bars and pastries.  The students and families all push 

up their sleeves and work together (and sometimes compete for prizes). There are a lot of fun times during these fundraisers.

As the end of school approaches, HTA’s students are treated to school picnics and field trips which one and all look forward to.

At Holy Trinity Academy, school is fun, lifetime friendships are forged, teachers care, and we love to learn!