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Holy Trinity Academy

Holy Trinity Academy
600 Prospect Street,

Trinidad, CO 81082

Holy Trinity Academy offers all-denominational Christian religious education grades K-12.  Our core curriculum, including religious studies, is mandatory.  Juniors and Seniors are able to take concurrent classes and earn an associate’s degree at Trinidad State Junior College. The tuition is paid by a grant from HTA donors, Jay and Emily Cimino, if the student earns an A or B in the class.


Principal:  Mrs. Jennifer Pierce
K-2 Teacher:  Ms. Simone Craig
3-4 Teacher:  Mrs. Diana Segers
5-6 Teacher:  Mr. Robert Gonzales
6th - 8th Teachers:  Mrs. Phyllis Massarotti and Mrs. Adelaide Segers
9th - 12th Teachers:  Mrs. Phyllis Massarotti, Mrs. Andrea Jimenez, and Mrs. Adelaide Segers
Music:  Mrs. Adelaide Segers
Band: Mrs. Jennifer Pierce
Physical Education:  Mrs. Phyllis Massarotti

HTA Board of Education: 

Pastor Bill Ferris, President

Mr. Bob Gonzales, Vice-President
Ms. Melissa Barros, Secretary
Mrs. Andrea Jimenez, Treasurer

Mrs. Hannah Andersen

Mr. Charles Sawaya

Ms. Christina Duran

Safeway cards are available at the office or call 719-859-0740.


Volunteer Opportunities:

1. Selling candy bars.
2. Spring Fling - April 7




HTA Announces its New Board of Education member, Pastor Bill Ferris of the Trinidad United Presbyterian Church. Pastor Bill brings an amazing array of experience from serving as an U.S. Army chaplain in Iraq, prison chaplain, mental-health crisis clinician, and minister. Pastor Bill holds a B.A. in Journalism/Political Science from University of Northern Colorado, a M.Div. from Denver Seminary, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from University of the Rockies. He is a deep thinker, problem-solver, and a leader in all he does. Welcome Pastor Bill!