Holy Trinity Academy

Holy Trinity Academy
600 Prospect Street,

Trinidad, CO 81082

Holy Trinity Academy offers all-denominational Christian religious education grades K-12.  Our core curriculum, including religious studies, is mandatory.  Juniors and Seniors are able to take concurrent classes and earn an associate’s degree at Trinidad State Junior College. The tuition is paid by a grant from HTA donors, Jay and Emily Cimino, if the student earns an A or B in the class.

Holy Trinity Academy endeavors to provide the finest academic and religious education possible. 

The Academy challenges and empowers students to:

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Grow in mind, body, and spirit, respecting the dignity of all;

Become responsible, ethical decision-makers in a complex world.

Master the skills and knowledge for the next phase of their development, primarily a college education; and

Holy Trinity Academy offers education based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.  HTA challenges students and parents to seek the best in themselves and others through superior academics, spiritual consciousness and moral responsibility.  Students are encouraged to embark on a life-long journey of self discovery. 

Through traditional core curriculum, religious education and rewarding extracurricular activities, the Academy endeavors to guide students in choosing respect, honor, dignity and service.  HTA empowers students through college preparatory courses to pursue higher education and develop leadership in church, community and family.

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